From India with Money

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Average household income of Canadian immigrants from India is $95,000 which is 14% more than average income of Canadians. The expenditure for Indians who have immigrated to Canada since 2006 have increased by 46%, compared to an average of 19% increase in the expenditure of Canadians. An average of 56% immigrants from India own new… Read more »

Groupon’s new strategy to increase customer loyalty

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Groupon is a firm that offers discounts to its customers by offering millions of deals on everything (meals, manicures etc.) through distribution of its coupons. Groupon’s daily deals are very popular, have the easiest reward programs and focuses on increasing customer loyalty. However, despite its increasing popularity Groupon hasn’t been profitable and instead, it has… Read more »

RIM loses $3 billion in one day

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On the back of dismal second quarter results, in which RIM reported that its profit dropped 58 per cent to US$329 million and its revenue fell 15 per cent to US$4.2 billion, the Toronto Stock Exchange and NASDAQ saw massive selling of the RIM stock. On Friday alone, RIM lost $3 billion in its stock… Read more »

Lululemon continues to grow despite increasing competition

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Shares of Lululemon Athletica—founded in 1998 and based out of Vancouver—dropped 4%  on 9th September 2011. This was despite a 40% increase in its sales and 76% increase in its profits in the second quarter. It is expected that high labour and material costs will put pressure on Lululemon’s profit margin in the third quarter;… Read more »

A Golden Opportunity

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Following a hostile takeover attempt by Chinese Minmetals, Equinox Minerals agreed to a friendly takeover by Barrick Gold. The offer, yet to be approved by shareholders, increases the bid made by Minmetals and increases shareholder value. As part of the deal, Equinox agreed to drop its bid for Lundin Mining. QUESTIONS: What level of strategy… Read more »

Strategy in the Danger Zone

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Two weeks ago it was Egypt. This week it is Libya. Who knows where the unrest will be in the future. One thing is certain – the political situation in the Middle East is definitely unstable. Predictions about oil supply and pricing are equally unstable. Few will argue that oil drives the world economy and… Read more »

A Marathon Split

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Marathon Oil, with operations throughout the United States and Canada, will soon be two companies. The move has been in the works for nearly two years, but low oil and gas prices kept the company from making it until now. Marathon Petroleum will be responsible for refining operations. Marathon Oil will focus exploration and production…. Read more »

The Pause That Refreshes . . . Strategy

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Coca-Cola recently announced that it would acquire the bulk of its domestic bottler, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and eventually acquire selected European bottlers. The move reverses an earlier decision to continue working with independent bottlers. Coke cites changes in American consumers’ tastes and the need to have a more flexible distribution system to respond to those needs…. Read more »

Dying Sales

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“People are just dying to get in here,” the old joke about cemeteries goes. While death is inevitable, the options for dealing with post-death are not. Sales in the casket industry have been declining for nearly a decade. Industry leaders Hillenbrand, Inc. and Matthews International Corp. are faced with the grim reality that their business… Read more »