Yahoo boss under fire for banning employees from working from home

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Description: Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo Inc., is under fire for banning its employees from working from home. In what people are calling a ‘step backward’, Marissa Mayer feels that speed and quality are compromised when people work from home. Source: Financial Post Date: February 26 2013 Text link:  Questions for Discussion: Do you… Read more »

A Guitar for Heaven

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In the ultimate tribute to a partner, Pedro Martin Ureta honored his deceased wife’s wishes and cultivated an immense tree garden into an aerial delight – a guitar. Shortly after marrying Mr. Ureta, Graciela Yraizoz saw a shape while flying over the pampa. That’s when she came up with the idea of creating a guitar…. Read more »

In the Driver’s Seat

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Ken Mikalauskas spent 15 years working in the corporate world and never felt satisfied. He wanted more control. His first move was to leave the big city and then he eventually struck out on his own. He realized that being in business for himself was not without risks, but that he had to face those… Read more »

Stamp of Approval

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Even as a hobby, stamp collecting is not at the forefront of public awareness. Stamp collecting has been around for nearly two centuries and is big business for some, but interest is declining. Yet for 2,000 of the world’s top collectors, stamps are an obsession. QUESTIONS: What need level(s) is/are satisfied for stamp collectors such… Read more »

On A Mission

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Laura Silsby and nine other Americans from Idaho were arrested and detained in Haiti on charges that the group was attempting to abduct Haitian children. The group, representing Central Valley Baptist Church and Ms. Silsby’s charitable organization, claim they were taking the children to the Dominican Republic to start an orphanage. Haitian officials counter that… Read more »

Disabled and Motivated

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Toledo-based Lott Industries employs developmentally-disabled workers to perform light assembly work. Most of their contracts are with the automotive industry. Lott workers excel, allowing employees to earn good incomes to support themselves and, sometimes, other family members. In fact, Lott was awarded the prestigious Q1 status (highest quality rating) by Ford. While the slumping economy… Read more »