RIM loses $3 billion in one day

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On the back of dismal second quarter results, in which RIM reported that its profit dropped 58 per cent to US$329 million and its revenue fell 15 per cent to US$4.2 billion, the Toronto Stock Exchange and NASDAQ saw massive selling of the RIM stock. On Friday alone, RIM lost $3 billion in its stock… Read more »

Boomers Are Here to Stay — With a Bang!

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A generation of Baby Boomers is on the cusp of retirement, but some may not. Whether for financial reasons, longevity, or something else, not all Baby Boomers are ready to leave the workplace. One of them is Michael Adams, president of a Toronto-based consulting firm. Mr. Adams says Baby Boomers have a lot to offer… Read more »

Starbucks Means Big Bucks

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On the eve of the company’s 40th anniversary, USA Today’s Bruce Horowitz interviewed Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Topics include the company’s iconic status, its resiliency, plans for the future, as well as an analysis of successes and failures. One thing appears clear – Schultz is deeply committed to the company and plans to be out… Read more »

Flaming Hot Management in Calgary

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Until recently, the Calgary Flames were not considered a playoff contender. Shortly after Christmas, General Manager Darryl Sutter was relieved of duty and replaced by Jay Feaster. Suddenly, things began to change. The team is on an incredible winning streak and everyone, from the administrative offices on down, comments about what a different atmosphere exists… Read more »

The Perfect Game (Almost)

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With the exception of just a few elite teams, it could be argued that the teams appearing in this year’s NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament are roughly equivalent in terms of talent (a key component of work today). What separates the winners from the losers? It is the management of that talent and the performance… Read more »

Why Management Matters

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released a summary report of discrimination claims in 2009. Claims increased in three key areas monitored by the Commission. This article is a good starter for introducing the importance of effective management in any organization. QUESTIONS: Unfortunately, some employers equate “disabled” with “unable.” Read the section on talent and discuss… Read more »

Deep Six Executive Bonuses

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Noted management guru Henry Mintzberg critiques the current system of bonuses for top-level managers. His contention is that bonuses do not accomplish what they exist to do – ensure sustained health of a company. Instead, Mintzberg argues that bonuses encourage CEOs to gamble away long-term performance for short-term gains that drive up compensation. His solution?… Read more »