Yahoo boss under fire for banning employees from working from home

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Description: Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo Inc., is under fire for banning its employees from working from home. In what people are calling a ‘step backward’, Marissa Mayer feels that speed and quality are compromised when people work from home. Source: Financial Post Date: February 26 2013 Text link:  Questions for Discussion: Do you… Read more »

Completion in the Cellphone Industry

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Description: Five years back, the Canadian government opened the telecom sector to allow more competition, however, the cellphone bills have not come down despite more players in the wireless market. Alek Krstajik, CEO of Public Mobile, discusses some of the obstacles facing the wireless market.     Source: CBC Date: February 20 2013 Video link:… Read more »

BlackBerry CEO on BB10 launch

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Description: BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins discusses the launch of BB10 and what it means for BlackBerry. Source: Global BC Date: January 30 2013 Video link:  Questions for Discussion: Do you agree BB10 is the device that can make or break BlackBerry? Do you see BlackBerry retaining the top position in the near future? What… Read more »

Best Buy closes several outlets in Canada

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Description: Technology retailer, Best Buy announced it will close fifteen Best Buy and Future Shop locations across Canada, leaving at least 900 employees without a job. Source: CBC Date: January 31 2013 Video link: Questions for Discussion: What are some of the reasons for these closures? Do you foresee more such closures by Best… Read more »

Push to combat cross-border corruption

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Description: Sandy Boucher, a fraud investigator at law firm Grant Thornton, tells BNN that there is a new push among developed economies to enforce litigations on firms dealing in cross-border corruption. Source: BNN Date: November 01 2012 Video and Text Link: Questions for Discussion: Should Canadian companies be penalized for bribing when companies from… Read more »

Ottawa Questions Target’s Move to Canada

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Description: The Canadian federal government has ordered a review of U.S. retail giant Target Corp.’s move into Canada, examining whether it would be of net cultural benefit to Canada.   Source: The Globe and Mail Date: April 05, 2012 Link: Questions for Discussion: Do you agree that the Canadian government should question whether Target Corp…. Read more »

RIM Troubles Continue

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RIM Troubles Continue Description: RIM continues to perform poorly. RIM CEO, Thorstein Heins, hints that they are open to selling RIM. Wall Street Journalists discuss possible suitors for RIM. Source: Wall Street Journal Video Date:  March 29, 2012 Link:  Questions for Discussion: Discuss important reasons that led to the eventual decline of RIM? Should… Read more »

Keeping Nike Cool

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Under the leadership of CEO Mark Parker, Nike is revamping its image and shifting its focus. Rather than ride its dominance in the athletic shoe market, Parker is following trends and repositioning Nike to capitalize on the digital age. Part of Parker’s strategy for Nike involves reducing staff and moving away from brand image. The… Read more »

Windows 7 Launch

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The launch of Windows 7 renews debate about technological change in organizations. Many companies skipped the upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista and are now wondering whether to make the move to the latest version. At the same time Microsoft competitors are touting Linux as a viable alternative. QUESTIONS: Would upgrading from earlier versions… Read more »