Amazon Moves to Cut Checkout Line, Promoting a Grab-and-Go Experience

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Description: SEATTLE — There is almost no aspect of retail that Amazon has not upended with online shopping. Now, the company is trying to computerize the experience of buying sandwiches and soda from the corner convenience store. Source: – video report Date: Dec 05, 2016 Link: Questions for Discussions: Describe the operation and… Read more »

How Business Governance Has Not Changed Since the Industrial Revolution

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Description: Dov Seidman says leaders need to embrace emotion in a digital world. Source: – video report Date: Dec 02, 2016 Link: Questions for Discussions: What is Dov Seidman’s message to management about the culture of ethics and leadership? What do you think about this line of thinking?

Canada’s outstanding CEO of the year: Air Canada’s Calin Rovinescu

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Description:  Cash-rich Japanese banks started becoming big players in the niche but lucrative aircraft financing market earlier this decade as it gets better spreads and is perceived to be safer than other corporate loans since a jet can be sold in the event of a default. Source: Date: Nov 01, 2016 Link: Questions… Read more »

Bombardier cutting 7,500 jobs amid talks with Ottawa: ‘The timing is really unfortunate’

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Description: MONTREAL — A second large wave of job cuts is hitting Bombardier workers in less than a year as another 7,500 positions are to be eliminated around the world through the end of 2018. Source: – video report Date: Oct 21, 2016 Link: Questions for discussion: What is happening at Bombardier? What… Read more »

Laughter at the Top (of the Hockey World)

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The Vancouver Canucks, leading the Stanley Cup Finals 2-0 over the Boston Bruins, seem to have luck on their side. While the Bruins may come back and win the championship, things definitely seem to be going the Canucks’ way. Few knowledgeable people believe that the success of the Vancouver franchise hinges on luck. Other factors… Read more »

We’re Having a (Divorce) Party

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The primary referenced article makes mention of summer of 2010 as the “the Summer of Divorce.” While that was disputed even within the article, recent months have seen one very contentious divorce – that of former Los Angeles Dodgers owners Charles and Bonnie Bronfman – as well as an announcement of the separation and impending… Read more »

The Canucks Are Special

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The Vancouver Canucks are having a good season and are dominating the Dallas Stars, primarily through their special teams play. What makes this a bit surprising is that the lineup features five rookie players. QUESTIONS: The main focus of the article is on the Canucks special teams play. This is only one aspect of the… Read more »

The Competition Is Seeing Red(s)

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The 2010 Cincinnati Reds are surprising many observers of Major League Baseball. The Reds themselves are not surprised. After starting the season 7-10, the team rebounded to take sole possession of the National League Central Division ahead of the much-heralded St. Louis Cardinals (they are currently in second place). The team is accomplishing this without… Read more »

Teamwork Behind The Scenes

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Without doubt, a lot of behind-the-scenes work is necessary to pull off an event as big as the Olympics. Nowhere is the competition for a volunteer spot more fierce than with flower sweepers, children skaters that clear the ice of “gifts” tossed by adoring fans following figure skating performances. Only 30 skaters were chosen from… Read more »

No Longer Aints

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After years of toiling in futility, the New Orleans Saints – a team born the year the Super Bowl started – finally won their first. Despite trailing 10-0 early in the game, Team Who Dat battled back and won professional football’s championship game in stunning fashion. With the Saints clinging to a 24-17 lead, Tracy… Read more »