A Golden Opportunity

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Following a hostile takeover attempt by Chinese Minmetals, Equinox Minerals agreed to a friendly takeover by Barrick Gold. The offer, yet to be approved by shareholders, increases the bid made by Minmetals and increases shareholder value. As part of the deal, Equinox agreed to drop its bid for Lundin Mining. QUESTIONS: What level of strategy… Read more »

They Are Not Giggling at Google

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Without question, Google is the leading search engine on the internet. Advertisers flock to the company. Businesses (and other websites) clamor to move up in Google’s rankings. Yet not everyone is satisfied that Google’s results are the best they can be. University of California Visiting Scholar Vivek Wadhwa says a lot of spam makes its… Read more »

China’s Cotton Club

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Chinese cotton farmers are holding on to their harvest from the past season waiting for prices to climb. Estimates suggest the amount of cotton being held off the market may be close to two million metric tons representing nine percent of the world supply. This hoarding coupled with a lack of production reporting throughout Asia… Read more »

The Power of People

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The one bright spot in the economic downturn may be prolonging it. Since the current recession began, worker productivity has been increasing. The upswing is not due to investment in technologies. It is simply the result of swelling worker output. QUESTIONS: Before reading the article, look at the brief section on productivity in Chapter 18…. Read more »