Technology devices designed to addict users

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Description: If you wonder why you have a problem getting away from your technology device, there may be a psychological reason. Known as the “network effect”, this psychological process explains how users get sucked into content overload, where they click around and move from content to another. Source: New York Times Date: December 05, 2015… Read more »

TV cable viewership on the decline

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Description: With viewers increasingly opting for streaming online content, the sale of cable to Canadian households have dropped substantially. Source: CBC Date: July 27, 2015 Video Link: Questions for Discussion: Discuss the factors causing the drop in Cable sales. What benefits do online streaming offer to viewers? What are potential drawbacks of online streaming?

Google Glass – a product that failed to take off

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Description: Google Glass, a device mounted on your eyeglasses that has a camera, processor and a computer screen, does not seem to have a market. Google has decided to push back the Google Glass roll out to the mass market Source: Financial Post Date: November 14, 2014 Link: Questions for Discussion: What are your… Read more »

Netflix refuses to hand data to CRTC

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Description: In a move that can have strong implications for the internet media in Canada, Netflix refused to hand over information that the company considers sensitive – like the number of subscribers Netflix has in Canada, and how much money it earns from them – to Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Source: BNN Date:… Read more »

Big data strategy

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Description: Big data seems to be the new buzz word among corporates. It is increasingly felt that companies that can better leverage their big data resources will enjoy a substantial competitive advantage. However, there is uncertainty regarding the best strategy to leverage this important resource. Source: Financial Post Date: March 26, 2014 Link: Questions… Read more »

“Guilt Tipping”

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Description: Technology has made it easier for people to tip. Starbucks will soon allow customers to leave a tip using a mobile app. It is almost impossible today for customers to forget to tip. Source: CBC Date: March 13, 2014 Link: Questions for Discussion: According to Bruce Sellery, what is “Guilt Tipping”? How has… Read more »

Is There An App For That?

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The nature of business today – shrinking workforces and increasing responsibilities – makes it difficult for employees to focus. Mobile technologies add to the distraction. Once attention has been diverted from a task, it can take as long as 20 minutes to get restarted. The article offers a couple of simple suggestions to help retain… Read more »