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A recent scientific report finds that burning billions of barrels of oil sands crude actually has only a modest impact on climate. The report, published in the journal ‘Nature’, clarifies that when it comes to global warming, the oil sands are far from the world’s chief villain. This report helps to boost the image of the oil sand proponents who can now claim that the oil sands aren’t as dirty as some have made them out to be.


  1. Do you feel the report will boost the image of oil sand companies?
  2. Do you feel global warming is a hype or it’s something that companies need to consider strongly?
  3. Think of possible PR strategies (in light of this new report) that companies working in the Alberta oil sands can develop to improve their image?

Source: Nathan Vanderklippe, “Oil sands proponents get a PR boost”, published Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012. Retrieved from

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