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Bombardier Inc.’s $3.7 billion Gautrain project in South Africa was launched in 2010 during World cup soccer. Gautrain, which runs on an 80 km route covering two cities and an airport, is now facing several problems such as limited train schedules, technical issues, limited bus service connectivity to the train stations and lower than projected passengers. It seems now that this showcase project was installed for political and prestige reasons rather than to benefit masses.


  1. Do a SWOT analysis for the Bombardier Gautrain project. Suggest reasons if it should continue.  
  2. Suggest a few ways to promote ridership on the train?
  3. Was it necessary for the South African government to fund this project when there is a great need to use this money to meet the basic needs of its people?

SOURCE: GEOFFREY YORK, “Bombardier’s South African showcase coming off the rails” The Globe and Mail (Retrievable online

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