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Merk Pharmaceuticals, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, the Asthma and Allergy foundations of America, Carpenter and Carter Oosterhouse, and HGTV are building four asthma- friendly homes catering to low income families with asthmatic patients. This project is a part of a build smart, breathe easier asthma education campaign.


  1. Would this step of building Asthma friendly homes help control people’s asthma and improvise their living? Or is this another idea that will come up as promoting more people to pay more for expensive constructions?
  2. Should these homes be just focused on low income groups or the population as a whole?
  3. Do you suggest this campaign is effective? Suggest some more ways to add to this campaign to be used in Canada.

SOURCE: Associated Press, “Companies build Homes with Asthma-Friendly Features For Low-Income Families” Financial Post (Retrievable online

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