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Sony’s CEO, Sir Howard Stringer’s speech at Wall Street Journal event last week compared and contrasted Sony’s achievements and goals with its admired competitor, Steve Job’s “Apple”. While Sony focuses on multiple products, Apple focuses on a few items with its main emphasis on marketing of those products. Sony has seen a consistent loss in sales, lay-offs and problems with its suppliers. On the other hand, Apple has captured the world with its seamless technologies that are difficult to imitate.


  1. Sony is going through loss in sales, business closures, lay-offs, cuts in operating profits, natural disasters in Japan and Thailand and much more. What would you suggest their marketing plan should emphasize on: marketing of the products they have or R & D and launching of new products?
  2. Compare and contrast the SWOT analysis of Sony and Apple?
  3. Explain the difference in marketing plans of Sony and Apple. Which one would you consider better and why?


SOURCE: James Rogers, “Why Sony’s CEO is still competing with Steve Jobs” The Globe and Mail (Retrievable online at )

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