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A generation of Baby Boomers is on the cusp of retirement, but some may not. Whether for financial reasons, longevity, or something else, not all Baby Boomers are ready to leave the workplace. One of them is Michael Adams, president of a Toronto-based consulting firm. Mr. Adams says Baby Boomers have a lot to offer and companies that do not take advantage will likely see their competitors seizing the opportunity.


  1. Are Baby Boomers a trend in terms of working today? How should organizations factor them into plans for the future?
  2. Take a look at the figure of the Shamrock Organization. What part(s) might Baby Boomers fulfill?
  3. Management Smarts 1.1 provides tips for the early career. Mr. Adams mentions that Baby Boomers could mentor one another. They might also be able to mentor up-and-coming employees. With what career survival skills could Baby Boomers help?

SOURCE: D. Jermyn, “Boomers Not Ready to Be Shown the Door,” Globe and Mail (Retrievable online at

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