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Description: Hilcorp Energy Co., a Houston based private oil exploration company, is awarding nearly 1,400 of its employees a bonus of $100,000 after it met its five-year goals.

Source: Financial Post

Date: December 10, 2015

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Questions for Discussion:

  1. Is the bonus too extravagant?
  2. Would you prefer to work in a similar company where you could get big gains but can also loose jobs quickly if targets are not met, or would you prefer a more stable job with little perks?

One Response to “Every employee at a energy company to get US$100,000 bonus”

  1. Veenu Rai Prashar

    I would prefer to work in the similar company where we can earn more gains as that is what for we have joined the company where we have to cover up the challenges on our way and it is our responsibility to achieve the target .As higher the profits in company the higher will be the employee satisfaction in financial terms (Gains ).This also highlights that the overall targets of the company are achieved through hard work and dedication of the team and finally in the end its leads to a great success for both the employee and the employer. This success creates in oneself a positive vibes of self belief.

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