Sony’s marketing plan

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Sony’s CEO, Sir Howard Stringer’s speech at Wall Street Journal event last week compared and contrasted Sony’s achievements and goals with its admired competitor, Steve Job’s “Apple”. While Sony focuses on multiple products, Apple focuses on a few items with its main emphasis on marketing of those products. Sony has seen a consistent loss in… Read more »

Canadian Business owners put their companies at risk by ignoring need for succession plan

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As mentioned by the head of Business Transition Planning of CIBC, Sean Foran, small and medium businesses contributes $600 billion to Canadian GDP. With an average age of 60 years for Canadian small and medium business owners, and with almost two third Canadians employed by these owners, it is important for business owners to have… Read more »

Planning for a Royal Future

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We might as well jump on the royal bandwagon. But seriously, where else could the need for planning be more evident than with the event that took place on April 28, 2011 and what is to follow? No other monarchy in the world receives as much attention as the British royal family. In recent decades,… Read more »

Preparing for a Retail Invasion

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The landscape in Canadian retailing is changing, in part due to landlords’ desires to add stronger tenants and foreign companies looking to expand into an attractive, and relatively untapped, Canadian market. While Canadian consumer debt is high, competition among retailers is not nearly as fierce as it is south of the border. That has retail… Read more »

Outgrowing the iPhone

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The wireless phone market is nearing saturation and the number of new subscribers has been dropping for two years. Service providers are faced with declining revenues and the reality that they must look for other revenue streams. AT&T holds a strong position due to exclusive rights to provide services for the iPhone, but this is… Read more »

How Low Will They Go?

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Wal-Mart is known nationally as a discount retailer, yet the company is stepping up efforts to market itself as a low-price leader. Current advertising focuses on internal operating efficiencies that are helping keep prices down. This strategy was implemented because the discount giant believes that consumers are still concerned about the economy. At the same… Read more »

A Penny Saved

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In the face of one of the toughest economic recessions in recent memory, many companies are increasing the amount of cash reserves they maintain. Even with claims that the economy is improving, companies continue to stockpile cash and increase these reserves. Stockpiling seems to be highest in the technology sector, but giants like Alcoa and… Read more »