More U.S. cities could be bankrupt soon

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Description: Richard Ravitch, adviser to the Detroit bankruptcy judge, discusses why more cities might be moving towards bankruptcies. Source: CBC Date: June 02, 2014 Video Link: Questions for Discussion: What are some of the reasons why cities go bankrupt? Is it the job of the government to bail out cities? Who should be held accountable… Read more »

Canadian banks deliver record profits

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Description: Canada’s top five banks recorded a profit of $29.4-billion in the last fiscal year. This is a healthy 5% growth from last year. As in the past, the increased profits were driven predominantly by demand for mortgages among Canadians. Source: Financial Post Date: December 06 2013 Link: Questions for Discussion: Can the banks… Read more »

Yahoo buys blogging network Tumblr for $1.1 billion

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Description: Yahoo announced that it is acquiring Tumblr—a blogging network site—in a $1.1 billion deal. The deal amount seems too large to be recovered through advertisement revenues. Source: CBC Date: May 21 2013 Video link: Questions for Discussion: Will Yahoo be able to recover the $1.1 billion it is spending to acquire Tumblr? Is… Read more »

Problems with selling ‘green’ products

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Description: Retailers have little information on what motivates consumers to buy green products. There seems to be no consistent pattern in their shopping of green products. This increases problems for retailers in deciding how to market green products.          Source: BNN Date: November 30 2012 Video and Text Link: Questions for Discussion: Why are… Read more »

What Will the Federal Budget Bring?

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Description: Wallace Conway, a senior manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers discusses the forthcoming federal budget and how the government will have to balance both expenses and growth. Questions for Discussion: Should the government cut expenditures or focus on growing revenues? What policies can the government adopt for increasing business growth? Where should the government cut expenditures?

Sony’s marketing plan

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Sony’s CEO, Sir Howard Stringer’s speech at Wall Street Journal event last week compared and contrasted Sony’s achievements and goals with its admired competitor, Steve Job’s “Apple”. While Sony focuses on multiple products, Apple focuses on a few items with its main emphasis on marketing of those products. Sony has seen a consistent loss in… Read more »

Canadian Business owners put their companies at risk by ignoring need for succession plan

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As mentioned by the head of Business Transition Planning of CIBC, Sean Foran, small and medium businesses contributes $600 billion to Canadian GDP. With an average age of 60 years for Canadian small and medium business owners, and with almost two third Canadians employed by these owners, it is important for business owners to have… Read more »