What Choos Are You Wearing?

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Labelux, a German luxury goods company, will purchase Jimmy Choo, Ltd. from TowerBrook Capital for a reported £400-550 million. Under Labelux, the high-end women’s shoe and bag maker will be expanding its line and focus on developing the Asian market, particularly in China. Co-founder Tamara Mellon, of British Vogue fame, will retain her minority share… Read more »

Strategy in the Danger Zone

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Two weeks ago it was Egypt. This week it is Libya. Who knows where the unrest will be in the future. One thing is certain – the political situation in the Middle East is definitely unstable. Predictions about oil supply and pricing are equally unstable. Few will argue that oil drives the world economy and… Read more »

Canada’s (Prescription) Drug War

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Concerns over the skyrocketing cost of health care, particularly prescription medication resulted in laws to regulate the industry. One such law prohibits manufacturers of generic drugs from paying professional allowances (rebates) to pharmacies. Rather than fight the ruling, large discount pharmacies such as Shoppers Drug Mart are instead focusing on boosting their own private-label drug… Read more »