Shoppers Drug Mart sees a decline in its profits

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Description: Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. posted lower profits in its fourth quarter. This is likely to be Shoppers last quarterly results as a separate public company; it is being acquired by Loblaw Cos. Ltd. Source: BNN Date: Feb 06, 2014 Link: Questions for Discussion: What are some of the reasons for Shoppers declining profits?… Read more »

Ten major pharmaceutical companies to collaborate

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Description: Ten major pharmaceutical companies have decided to collaborate under the guidance of National Institute of Health to develop new drugs for major diseases. This is a major departure from the way pharmaceutical companies have traditionally worked. Source: CBC Date: Feb 04, 2014 Link: Questions for Discussion: List the benefits of such a collaboration?… Read more »

JPMorgan fined $1.7 billion

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Description: The U.S. government seems to be coming hard on Wall Street. In a recent judgment, the U.S. justice fined JPMorgan $1.7 billion for failing to inform the authorities over Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.                                 Source: CBC Date: Jan 10, 2014 Video Link: Questions for Discussion: Should JPMorgan be held responsible and fined… Read more »

Juggling Many Tasks at Once

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The digital workplace puts more pressure on employees to attend to multiple tasks at the same time. Research shows that this can be counterproductive because employees are more error prone. Switching between tasks can lead to 20 minutes of lost time for each switch. The solution is focus. Managers have to create a culture where… Read more »

His Goose Is Cooke(d)

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Dealing with employee problems is rarely enjoyable, yet action is often necessary to ensure problems are not repeated. When the National Hockey League gave its toughest suspension of the season to the Pittsburgh Penguin’s Matt Cooke, it was trying to send a clear message that violent hits are unacceptable. Cooke is popular with his teammates… Read more »

Big Brother Is (Definitely) Watching

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Following the protests in Egypt and the fall of Hosni Mubarak, many are questioning how the Egyptian government chose to respond to social media and the internet. Rather than harnessing its power or, at least minimally, trying to manage it, Mubarak’s regime simply tried to shut it down. Other governments take different approaches, some going… Read more »

M: Controlling Education

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We typically think about control in terms of processes. However, control can apply to individual behavior by controlling (constraining) choices. In the case of Ivan Cantera, his mother’s choice of his high school left him in an environment with strict controls that ultimately ensured his success. For former girlfriend Laura Corro, the choice to go… Read more »

The Lowliest Technology

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Skilcraft pens are a government icon. The pens trace their origin to the Wagner Act, which established that the government would buy a certain amount of goods produced by blind workers. The specifications for the manufacture of these pens are exacting, but their performance has been unsurpassed for decades. QUESTIONS: It is just a pen!… Read more »

Government Motors

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In one of the more celebrated government bailouts, General Motors received $58 billion in taxpayer money to stay in business. The auto maker still filed for bankruptcy protection and emerged from that process with the federal government holding a 60 percent stake in the company. Now members of Congress are seizing the opportunity by putting… Read more »