Besides money, what else motivates workers?

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Description: Nadia Goodman mentions three additional things that can motivate workers just as much as money. Money alone is not sufficient to motivate workers and in some cases when not used properly, monetary rewards can also demotivate workers.    Source: The Globe and Mail Date: November 29 2012 Text: Questions for Discussion: Do you… Read more »

Work-Life Balance

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Description: A recent survey of 25,000 full-time Canadian workers reveal that Canadian employers are making it increasingly difficult for their employees to balance work and life. Canadians are working longer hours and are taking more work home. Source: The Globe and Mail Date: October 26 2012 Link Questions for Discussion: Why is maintaining work-life… Read more »

Air Canada Strike

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Description: Labour Minister Lisa Raitt addresses media on the government’s action to prevent the Air Canada strike. Also, the Air Canada workers in Montreal discuss how their rights are being impeded. Source: The Globe and Mail Video Date:  March 12, 2012 Link: Questions for Discussion: Do you think the government is right to stop… Read more »

Hiring practices among immigrant population in Canada

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The labor productivity of Canada (production per hour of work) is much lower than the other industrialized countries. It has increased an average of 0.5% since 2005 compared to an average of 2.1% in U.S. Unemployment rate among Canadians born in Canada is 7.5% compared to 15.8% for Immigrant population who is in Canada for… Read more »

No Snail Mail, No Big Deal

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With so many other options available for communicating with friends and family, a shutdown of the postal service is not as big a deal as it once was. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers presented their final offer, which was rejected, to Canada Post and issued a strike notice. Months long negotiations have not been… Read more »

Crunching the Labour Numbers

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With crude oil prices hovering at $100/barrel, the surge in development in oil-rich Alberta means the demand for workers is also increasing (predicted to peak by the end of 2012). A labour shortage means that energy companies are looking south to Mexico and overseas for available workers. These companies are acting now because immigration paperwork… Read more »

The Business Cycle

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Shawn Bravender is an avid cyclist and cycling is his preferred method of commuting. Naturally, riding a bike to and from work causes a few concerns (e.g., hygiene, appropriate business attire), so when Bravender’s employer gave him the task of figuring out how to make it work, he did. The move may become more common… Read more »