Bell Media President Urges Canadian Broadcasters to Take U.S. Networks off Canadian Airwaves

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Description: The president of Bell Media urges Canadian Broadcasters to get rid of U.S. networks such as CBS, NBC and FOX from Canadian Airwaves. This comes in light of Bell Media’s over-the-air-network CTV loosing $40 million last year. Source: The Globe and Mail Date: March 06, 2015 Text Link: Questions for Discussion: Discuss the… Read more »

The Turnaround of Air Canada

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Description: Air Canada broke out of its sluggish performance and in 2014 posted a record annual profit of $531 million. Source: CBC Date: March 05, 2015 Video Link: Questions for Discussion: Discuss the growth and then the decline of Air Canada over the years? Which factors led to Air Canada’s recent surge in performance? In… Read more »

HSBC bank helped customers hide money

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Description: HSBC, one of the largest banks in the word, helped some of its richest customers hide money, often illegally. The documents that were leaked named 1500 Canadians who had money hidden in HSBC. Source: CBC Date: February 09, 2015 Video Link: Questions for Discussion: In this unique to one bank or is likely… Read more »

Bombardier bring in a new CEO

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Description: In a move to halt the falling fortunes of Bombardier, the board of directors have replaced their CEO, Pierre Beaudoin, with an outsider, Alain Bellemare. Pierre Beaudoin will now be the Chairman of Bombardier in place of his father. Source: CBC Date: February 12, 2015 Video Link: Questions for Discussion: What were the… Read more »

Senior Target managers get large cash payout but no such payouts for front-line workers

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Description: Target, which recently decided to close all its stores in Canada, will give out a large cash payout to its senior managers, however, there’s no such payout for its 17,000 front-line workers. Source: CBC Date: January 24, 2015 Link: Questions for Discussion: Provide a rationale for why Target is giving a large cash… Read more »

CEOs make big bucks on corporate mergers and acquisitions

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Description: Although studies have increasingly found that big mergers and acquisitions do not necessarily create wealth for shareholders, however, these big takeovers create tremendous payouts for CEOs who are selling their companies. CEOs of top 10 U.S. companies that were recently sold made an estimated $430 million. Source: CBC Date: November 21, 2014 Link:… Read more »

Target CEO Hopes for Canadian Christmas Miracle

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Description: Target CEO Brian Cornell is hoping the upcoming Christmas holiday season will boost the prospects of Target in Canada. Source: BNN Date: October 08, 2014 Video Link: Questions for Discussion: Analyse Target’s plan to boost sales in Canada? What are some of the problems Target has faced in Canada? Will the upcoming holiday… Read more »

Blackberry sells 200,000 passport smartphones within hours

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Description: John Chen, Blackberry CEO, announced that Blackberry’s latest smartphone Passport was sold out in 6 hours on its website and within 10 hours on Blackberry says that this sale alone is enough to make this new device profitable. Source: BNN Date: September 26, 2014 Video Link: Questions for Discussion: How would you… Read more »

Sears Canada looking for its fourth CEO in three years

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Description: Sears Canada CEO, Douglas Campbell, resigned after only spending one year at the top position. He cited family reasons for his resignation. This aggravates the already precarious situation Sears finds itself in – for the last eight years, its sales have continued to decline. Source: Financial Post Date: September 25, 2014 Link: Questions… Read more »

Target appoints a new Canada head

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Description: Target’s success in the U.S. has not yet translated to Canada; in fact, they have suffered huge losses in Canada. As a result, Target appointed a new person to revive its falling fortunes in Canada. Source: CBC Date: May 20, 2014 Link: Questions for Discussion: What prompted Target to enter Canada in the… Read more »