Wal-Mart and Corporate Social Responsibility

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The 2011Corporate Social responsibility report (CSR) of Wal-Mart Canada shows many positives. Reporting on the four categories of CSR—Environment, People, Ethical sourcing and Community, Wal-Mart posits that its policies has benefitted local Canadian businesses, encouraged organic baby food and discouraged child labour. However, the article suggests that these positives can also be drawbacks depending on… Read more »

From India with Money

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Average household income of Canadian immigrants from India is $95,000 which is 14% more than average income of Canadians. The expenditure for Indians who have immigrated to Canada since 2006 have increased by 46%, compared to an average of 19% increase in the expenditure of Canadians. An average of 56% immigrants from India own new… Read more »

Groupon’s new strategy to increase customer loyalty

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Groupon is a firm that offers discounts to its customers by offering millions of deals on everything (meals, manicures etc.) through distribution of its coupons. Groupon’s daily deals are very popular, have the easiest reward programs and focuses on increasing customer loyalty. However, despite its increasing popularity Groupon hasn’t been profitable and instead, it has… Read more »

Canadian Business and Social Media

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Monitoring and engaging customer via low-cost social media can be an effective marketing and advertising strategy of many Canadian companies. Unlike companies from the U.S., which were forced to use low-cost social media to market their products due to huge budget cuts, Canadian companies, though monitors these social sites but does not yet engage consumers…. Read more »

Apple Is on iCloud Nine

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The annual World Wide Developer Conference is a much anticipated event because it has been the venue of choice for Steve Jobs to announce new offerings by Apple. However, this year’s event has been preceded by carefully timed “leaks” of information indicating that the new announcement by Jobs will relate to the launch of iCloud,… Read more »

We’re Having a (Divorce) Party

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The primary referenced article makes mention of summer of 2010 as the “the Summer of Divorce.” While that was disputed even within the article, recent months have seen one very contentious divorce – that of former Los Angeles Dodgers owners Charles and Bonnie Bronfman – as well as an announcement of the separation and impending… Read more »

Oops, Another Security Breach (and Communication Misstep)

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After delaying an announcement for more than a week, Sony finally admitted its network had been hacked, compromising the data of 77 million users of PlayStation and potentially putting their credit information at risk. The backlash was immediate. In its defense, Sony argued the delay was necessary to give the company time to conduct investigations…. Read more »

To Blog or Not to Blog?

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Companies are embracing social media almost to excess. Communicating via Facebook and Twitter are not that difficult. Blogging, while more effective and richer, is a bit more involved. Tumblr software offers an interface that makes it easier to communicate and gives users more options for getting their message out to others. QUESTIONS: Follow the links… Read more »

The Technological Side of Social Upheaval

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When former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak shut down internet access in the country, most thought it was just an attempt to control what was being reported about the situation. What we may just now be realizing is the important role that social media played in the protests and the eventual toppling of the president. Different… Read more »