Full Retirement – A Distant Dream

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In a recent survey, more than 66% of the Canadians mentioned that they will continue to work beyond the age of 66. Sun Life Financial—Canada’s third largest insurance company—attributes these results to current economic volatility, increasing consumer debts, rising health case cots, longer life expectancy and lack of planning. Governments are also encouraging late retirements… Read more »

RIM’s New Marketing Campaign

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Research In Motion Ltd.’s new chief executive, Thorsten Heins, discusses his ideas on how he plans to revive his firm. He does not rule out the possibility of licensing BlackBerry Messenger technology to other platforms. Mr. Heins mentions that RIM needs to take some dramatic steps to regain its lost market share in the U.S…. Read more »

From India with Money

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Average household income of Canadian immigrants from India is $95,000 which is 14% more than average income of Canadians. The expenditure for Indians who have immigrated to Canada since 2006 have increased by 46%, compared to an average of 19% increase in the expenditure of Canadians. An average of 56% immigrants from India own new… Read more »

Ch-ch-changes J.P. Morgan Style

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The world-wide recession was driven in large part by numerous failures in two key industries – banking and automotive. In the United States, many of the big players in both industries required substantial bailouts from the Government to survive. On the financial side, J.P. Morgan Chase was considered one of the more stable banks, as… Read more »

No Snail Mail, No Big Deal

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With so many other options available for communicating with friends and family, a shutdown of the postal service is not as big a deal as it once was. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers presented their final offer, which was rejected, to Canada Post and issued a strike notice. Months long negotiations have not been… Read more »

Getting Google-y About Change

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Google is a business run by committee. At least it was. Now Larry Page replaces Eric Schmidt. The triumvirate of Page, Schmidt, and innovator Sergey Brin sometimes held the company back because they could not agree. Page has the opportunity to move Google forward if by no other means than offering a more comfortable (and… Read more »

The Hounds of Change

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During the extended leave of lead singer Natalie Maines, Dixie Chicks sisters Emily Robison and Martie Maguire got restless. Drawing on their childhood experiences, the two decided to form a new duo, Court Yard Hounds, to begin producing folk-pop music. QUESTIONS: What type of change led to the formation of Court Yard Hounds? What forces… Read more »