Knowing When to Quit — Or Not Even Start

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This article is an excellent case in ethics and decision making. For more than a decade, Kenneth Robinson played the odds, gambling that he could make a fortune (he did) and not get caught (he did as well). Robinson was the middle man between lawyer Matthew Kluger, who would pass along information about potential mergers,… Read more »

Cleaning House or Sweeping Under the Rug?

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In the wake of the early retirement of former Integrity Commissioner Christiane Ouimet are charges she failed to carry out her duties and faithfully investigate disclosures against the government. Mum’s the word on Ms. Ouimet’s part because she has been unable to meet with the Public Accounts Committee since her departure. Official word is she… Read more »

Green Politics

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Newly-appointed Environment Minister Peter Kent is promoting a position advanced by Calgary author Ezra Levant. That position holds that Canada’s oil sands oil is “ethically superior” to oil sold by countries with repressive regimes and are known to support terrorism. The argument is a “better than” response to critics that claim oil sands oil production… Read more »

All Is Not Gold(man)

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In another very public case, Goldman Sachs executives faced tough questions at the hands of members of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Investigations Subcommittee. Senators were unrelenting in their questions about reports that Goldman sold a product to clients, who eventually lost considerable amounts of money, while hedging (investing on the belief it… Read more »

Google’s Big Stand

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Co-founder Sergey Brin has been very outspoken about Google’s involvement in China and the company’s agreement to filter some search results there. The Russian-born Brin is familiar with state censorship and is a driving force behind Google’s “do no evil” mantra. The present article reviews some of the ethical issues associated with Google in China…. Read more »

Toyota Troubles

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On the heels of becoming the world’s largest automobile manufacturer based on sales, Toyota is faced with a recall of nearly seven million vehicles in the United States. In addition, the Japanese company halted production and sales of its eight most popular U.S. models beginning February 1. The actions stem from a problem that causes… Read more »

Conducting business in China

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ARTICLE SUMMARY: Four executives of Australian mining company Rio Tinto were arrested by the Chinese government and charged with bribery and corporate espionage. Chinese government officials claim the actions of the arrested gave Rio Tinto an unfair advantage in negotiating prices for the sale of iron ore. The case is causing many firms to rethink… Read more »