From India with Money

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Average household income of Canadian immigrants from India is $95,000 which is 14% more than average income of Canadians. The expenditure for Indians who have immigrated to Canada since 2006 have increased by 46%, compared to an average of 19% increase in the expenditure of Canadians. An average of 56% immigrants from India own new… Read more »

Canada falls out of top 10 most competitive economies

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According to the World Economic Forum, this year Canada slipped to 12th position in Global competitiveness. As the Canadian economy slowed down, it lost its position among the top 10 global competitors to emerging economies from Asia. While emerging economies showed robust growth, the developed economies were mired with slow recovery and high unemployment. While… Read more »

Global Management

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The article talks about the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)—a free trade agreement under negotiation—which is expected to boost Canada’s economy by $6 billion. For the year 2010—when most developed countries were struggling with economic turmoil—the economies of Canada and India grew by 3.2% and 9% respectively.  Both countries can see immense benefit through CEPA…. Read more »

Out of Gas

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One year after announcing a partnership, Encana and PetroChina now say the estimated $5.4-billion deal is off. The failure stems from an inability to agree on the operational aspects of the joint venture. Both entities staked a lot on the success of the deal when it was announced back in February. Now Encana’s investors are… Read more »

Canadian Energy Calling on China

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In a reversal of sorts, Canadian energy producers are aggressively seeking Asian (particularly Chinese) partners in the development of natural gas and oil resources. For their part, the Chinese are being more selective when evaluating these offers. A decade ago, Chinese companies were aggressively pursuing deals and Canadian partners were leery, mainly because of concerns… Read more »

Oops, Another Security Breach (and Communication Misstep)

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After delaying an announcement for more than a week, Sony finally admitted its network had been hacked, compromising the data of 77 million users of PlayStation and potentially putting their credit information at risk. The backlash was immediate. In its defense, Sony argued the delay was necessary to give the company time to conduct investigations…. Read more »

Trading (Way) South of the Border

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By the turn of the 20th century, Canadian banks were moving south to keep up with growing business opportunities in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. A century later, only a handful of Canada’s biggest companies are actively engaged in business in the Southern Hemisphere. For its part, the Canadian government recognizes this is… Read more »

Hu’s In Town

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Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the Chicago area for four days. His stops included a very formal dinner with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Walter Payton Prep School, and suburban Woodridge (a town even native son Barack Obama has not visited). Big deals were made – the Chinese agreeing to purchase Midwestern soybeans for $1.8 billion…. Read more »

Dueling the Red Dragon

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Google is the latest in a growing list of companies reconsidering their business strategy in China. Following a cyber attack on more than two dozen other companies, Google announced it would no longer filter internet searches and might pull out of China entirely. Most economists and business advisers believe it is impractical to ignore China…. Read more »

Conducting business in China

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ARTICLE SUMMARY: Four executives of Australian mining company Rio Tinto were arrested by the Chinese government and charged with bribery and corporate espionage. Chinese government officials claim the actions of the arrested gave Rio Tinto an unfair advantage in negotiating prices for the sale of iron ore. The case is causing many firms to rethink… Read more »