Why are CEOs paid so highly?

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Description: Over the last two decades nearly 40% of highly paid CEOs in the U.S. were either fired, arrested or bailed out by taxpayers. These statistics casts doubt on the whether CEOs should be paid so highly. Source: CBC Date: August 30, 2013 Video Link:  http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Business/ID/2403678767/?page=3 Questions for Discussion: Do CEOs deserve such astronomical salaries?… Read more »

Loblaw on Bangladesh

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Description: Following the tragic collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh, Loblaw decided to compensate the families of the victims and to continue their operations in the country. They also stressed that they will increasingly audit the working conditions at their outsourced factories. Source: CBC Date: May 02 2013 Video link: http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Business/ID/2382985825/?page=2 Questions for Discussion:… Read more »

Sony’s marketing plan

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Sony’s CEO, Sir Howard Stringer’s speech at Wall Street Journal event last week compared and contrasted Sony’s achievements and goals with its admired competitor, Steve Job’s “Apple”. While Sony focuses on multiple products, Apple focuses on a few items with its main emphasis on marketing of those products. Sony has seen a consistent loss in… Read more »

Is the Phone Too Smart?

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Research is emerging on the social implications of smart (cellular) phone usage. This research along with revelations by Apple that iPhones catalog phone usage along with location is raising ethical concerns. While firms such as Google and AT&T claim that any data gathered is done so anonymously, research clearly indicates that the level of knowing… Read more »

An Investing Buffett

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The much anticipated annual letter to shareholders from Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett is out and the picture is quite rosy. Berkshire reported a 61% increase in earnings for 2010 and net income swelled to $13 billion. The company is poised to make major acquisitions in 2011. The success of 2010 is due largely to… Read more »

Is There An App For That?

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The nature of business today – shrinking workforces and increasing responsibilities – makes it difficult for employees to focus. Mobile technologies add to the distraction. Once attention has been diverted from a task, it can take as long as 20 minutes to get restarted. The article offers a couple of simple suggestions to help retain… Read more »

Let’s Go (Packing) Hoyas!

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One of the most intriguing aspects of March Madness is the potential, in any given game, for the lower-seeded team to beat the higher-seeded team. After all, that’s what makes the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament special – upsets. In this year’s edition, arguably there is no bigger upset than 14-seeded Ohio University’s win over… Read more »

Disaster Decisions

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In the aftermath of the worst earthquake in Haiti in two centuries, relief agencies are desperately racing against time to assist those that need help. However, veteran relief workers characterize the situation as “especially complicated” because all key influence factors have been affected by the disaster. There is no working government. There are no communications…. Read more »

The Fed’s Failure

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In what is now widely and infamously known for the near collapse of the financial sector in the United States, the Federal Reserve ignored warning signs associated with massive sub-prime lending for nearly two years. In the wake of this disaster, the Fed had to make decisions about what banks to save with an infusion… Read more »

Pink Martini

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Pink Martini is a musical group that is hard to define. They are part classical, part jazz, and, by the group’s admission, part Latin. One thing is certain, they do have a loyal international following. When asked about the composition of two of their latest songs, an interesting creative-collaborative process is described. QUESTIONS: Why is… Read more »