Chipotle to hire 5,000 workers in one-day spree

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Description: The company, which has struggled in recent months with an E. coli outbreak and a lawsuit accusing it of mistreating workers, plans to offer jobs to 5,000 people across the country on Sept. 28. Source: – video report Date: Sep 14, 2016 Link: Questions for Discussions: Summarize what has happened at the… Read more »

Six Pixels of Separation – Marketing and Communications Insights – By Mitch Joel

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Description: SPOS #531 – Unmistakable Creative With Srinivas Rao Source: – podcast Date: Sep 07, 2016 Link: Questions for Discussions: What did you learn about podcasting as a communications tool for businesses? Evaluate the “quality” of this podcast – what did you like and what did you not like – as an audience… Read more »

Email Continues to Deliver Strong ROI and Value for Marketers

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Description: The email audience is growing, engaged and increasingly mobile Source: Date: Sep 12, 2016 Link: Questions for discussion: What does this article say about email use and value as a communications tool? Why do you think email continues to perform so well?