A Lawyer With a Taste for Soy Sauce and a High Tolerance for Pain

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Description: In 2014, Jonathan Blum, a corporate lawyer in the Bay Area, rented a U-Haul truck and loaded it with three pallets of soy sauce bottles. Source: NYTimes.com Date: Nov 05, 2016 Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/06/business/a-lawyer-with-a-taste-for-soy-sauce-and-a-high-tolerance-for-pain.html?ref=smallbusiness Questions for Discussions: Summarize the strategies followed by Jonathan Blum as they relate to developing customers awareness and adoption? Is Blum… Read more »

How Internet Users Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

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Description: Half of respondents said AI can provide companionship Source: eMarketer.com Date: Nov 09, 2016 Link: https://www.emarketer.com/Article/How-Internet-Users-Benefit-Artificial-Intelligence/1014698?ecid=NL1001#sthash.nuiL4AiS.dpuf Questions for Discussions: What does this report say about how AI can be developed commercially? Create one idea of a product or service for each of the categories in the list.

Canada’s outstanding CEO of the year: Air Canada’s Calin Rovinescu

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Description:  Cash-rich Japanese banks started becoming big players in the niche but lucrative aircraft financing market earlier this decade as it gets better spreads and is perceived to be safer than other corporate loans since a jet can be sold in the event of a default. Source: FinancialPost.com Date: Nov 01, 2016 Link: http://business.financialpost.com/financial-post-magazine/canadas-outstanding-ceo-of-the-year-air-canadas-calin-rovinescu Questions… Read more »

The NFL Was a Sure Thing for TV Networks. Until Now

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Description: Why are football ratings down? Cord cutters. And smartphones. And the election, concussions, Kaepernick, global warming .. Source: Bloomberg.com – video report Date: Nov 03, 2016 Link: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-03/nfl-was-a-sure-thing-for-tv-networks-until-now Questions for Discussions: What are the problems facing the NFL and pro-sports in general? How would you suggest the industry address these issues?

This Is How Modern Political Advertising Works

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Description: EVP of MDC Partners Michael Bassik explains Source: Fortune.com – video report Date: Nov 03, 2016 Link: http://for.tn/2eiLvm6 Questions for discussion: Why do you think digital advertising is growing in the political environment? What are the advantages and disadvantages related to using this technology over traditional media when dealing with political communications and branding?

Samsung Just Recalled 3 Million Washing Machines

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Description: Another blow for the company Source: Fortune.com – video report Date: Nov 04, 2016 Link: http://for.tn/2fLtylm Questions for Discussions: What is the damage to the Samsung brand because of these product issues? How do you think consumers will “forgive and forget” in the long run? Do you think the company response is adequate?

Opinion: This home-building robot could put human construction crews out of business

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Description: Fastbrick Robotics says its Hadrian X robot will build the shell of a building in just two days — replacing weeks of work by masons Source: MarketWatch.com Date: Nov 02, 2016 Link: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-robot-could-build-much-of-your-next-house-2016-11-01?siteid=nwtwk Questions for Discussions: What does this report suggest about the future of robotics in the construction industry? What are the pros… Read more »

New Item on the College Admission Checklist: LinkedIn Profile

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Description: Applying for admission to many American colleges already has high school students jumping through hoops. Source: NYTimes.com Date: Nov 05, 2016 Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/06/technology/new-item-on-the-college-admission-checklist-linkedin-profile.html?ref=business Questions for Discussions: What does this report say about how businesses use LinkedIn and other social media for recruitment? What should job searchers do to optimize their LinkedIn profile?

Cellphone use surges, so do bills. Canadians call for an end to data caps

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Description:  OpenMedia wants Canadians to have unlimited mobile internet access for a good price Source: CBC.ca Date: Oct 28, 2016 Link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/cellphone-use-surges-so-do-bills-canadians-call-for-an-end-to-data-caps-1.3824774 Questions for Discussions: Summarize what is happening with mobile use and consumer costs. What do you think the monthly price ceiling is for mobile, in terms of the average Canadian consumer? How can… Read more »