Trump and Carrier: How a Modern Economy Is Like a Parking Garage

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Description: In the two hours that President-elect Donald J. Trump spent flying to Indiana on Thursday to boast that he saved 1,000 jobs, about 6,000 private-sector jobs in the United States were probably destroyed. Source: Date: Dec 01, 2016 Link: Questions for Discussions: What are the economic arguments presented in this article? What… Read more »

This Vancouver theatre company is proving the arts are anything but the antithesis of successful business

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Description:  Business and the arts often appear to be at odds, but the truth is that the best arts showcases are also very good at business. It makes sense, since both follow a similar path, in that they design a product or service, create it, promote it and sell it. Source: Date: Nov 23,… Read more »

Elon Musk vs. the Trolls

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Description: Are business rivals behind online attacks on the Tesla CEO? Source: – video report Date: Nov 22, 2016 Link: Questions for Discussions: What are the online publishing risks facing executives and their businesses? How can they counter these risks?

Iceland is suing a supermarket that’s using its name

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Description: Iceland is a country. But in Britain, Iceland is also a supermarket chain. Source: Date: Nov 25, 2016 Link: Questions for discussion: What are the arguments that could be used by each side? How would you decide the outcome in this dispute? What are the issues as globalization grows?

The Retailers With The Happiest Employees

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Description: With Black Friday almost here, some shoppers have already mapped their store-by-store plan of attack. But customer service can make or break a shopping experience, and the best retail salespeople are often the happiest. Source: Date: Nov 23, 2016 Link: Questions for Discussions: What do you think of the research methodology used… Read more »

The battle for Canadian loyalty and expiring points: Consumers will fight hard for what they’ve collected

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Description:  It didn’t take long after Loblaws Cos. Ltd. bought Shoppers Drug Mart in a mega $12.4 billion deal before some consumers settled in on what the “important” part of the transaction was. Source: Date: Nov 18, 2016 Link: Questions for Discussions: Why are loyalty programs popular? Summarize the suggestions to management. What… Read more »

Here’s How Brightcove Is Keeping Up With the Growth of Video

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Description: CEO David Mendels joins Fortune Live to explain. Source: – video report Date: Nov 18, 2016 Link: Questions for Discussions: Summarize the history of video as presented in this report. How can marketing managers use video to engage their customers?

McDonald’s: More touch screens and table service just the beginning of change

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Description: McDonald’s CEO: We are modernizing your burger experience Source: – video report Date: Nov 17, 2016 Link: Questions for discussion: How is McDonald’s changing? Which indicators suggest that these changes are working?